The world of e-commerce is here to stay.
Let us help you increase customer loyalty with your own online store!

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Current Industry Issues:
1. Consumers traditionally visit their salon every 6 -10 weeks and purchase less than 5% of their
    beauty products at the salon.
2. Consumers today crave a broad selection of products and categories, however the average
    salon stocks limited retail products.
3. Trends show a steadily increasing percentage of consumers prefer an online shopping experience. It is difficult for independent salons to access the resources, number of products, and expertise to develop a friendly e-commerce solution.

The Solution:
1. allows 24 hour access, convenient shipping/returns, and uninterrupted client loyalty.
2. will carry up to 3000 retail items giving your clients access to the products they
    crave at the click of a button.
3. provides a turnkey e-commerce solution equipped with monthly promotions, first order and reorder       purchase incentives, and excellent customer service.

- Purchases are linked to the salon or spa to ensure a commission is earned
- Convenient salon/spa specific access code to link your clients to and your salon logo
- Field exists to enter the “Beauty Professional’s” name
- Over 200 monthly promotions
- Convenient product returns and exchange
- High quality customer service and support
- Maritime Beauty is a trusted salon/spa partner that is committed to your e-commerce success 

Getting Started
- will be available to committed MBS clients (conditions apply)
- Salons and Spas will receive their own individual branded web store
- Participating salons and spas will receive a merchandising kit

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(Note: In order to participate with Coastal Beauty you must use our technical brands in your services meaning salons must carry one of our permanent color brands (example: Redken Color), spas must carry our skin care line (Example: Quannessence), and nail-techs must offer our professional nail services (Example: CND Shellac))