Next Level Reds
Start Date: Mar 21 2023
End Date:Mar 21 2023

Moncton Education Centre (MBS) (map)


Next Level Reds

 NEXT LEVEL REDS.  Red hair is a head turning hue, it’s like wearing a sequined outfit, it walks into the room before you do!!  Next Level REDS will take a deep dive into creating beautiful reds from soft orangey tones, cool reds and violet reds, not forgetting Aveda’s newest addition to their pure tone family by incorporating the pink pure tone into your red formulas.  This class will cover the different bases to help create stunning natural to vibrant results, using different bases and formulations adjusting tone saturation for stunning results!


  • How to overcome common challenges when creating reds
  • How to choose the best components for red results
  • Salon ready class technique
  • Tips and tricks to creating beautiful red results

Participants to bring:  Tripod, Pin tail comb, 12 sectioning clips, hair color bowls, hair color brushes, apron, styling brushes, hair dryer with nozzle 

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Maximum Participants Cost of Class tax

$300 + $100 Mannequin Head (Mannequin head will be ordered for you and avilable for use at the class)