Ayurveda Face Healing with Andrea Olivera
Start Date: May 14 2024
End Date:May 14 2024

Moncton Education Centre (MBS) (map)



Ayurveda Face Healing using Marma
Therapy and Kansa Wand
May 14 | 9am-4pm | Andrea Olivera
Moncton | $300
The face is the mirror of all of our emotions and the etched
Karmic life map shows on our face. Traditional Ayurveda
practitioners practice Jyotisha as a way to READ the FACE.
This will only be an introduction towards how the emotions
manifest on the face depending on the position of the
Moon in a person’s birth chart. Learn how to massage
away blocked negative emotions from the face using the
traditional Kansa Wands dipped in different Floral waters
to balance the Doshas. Part 2 of the Chakra Aura Cleanse.

What To Bring
Sheets, pillow, blankets, large towels


Educator Who Is This Class For

Massage Therapist


What is Provided  
Maximum Participants Cost of Class tax