Contours with Smashbox
Start Date: May 7 2024
End Date:May 7 2024

Moncton Education Centre (MBS) (map)



Contours with Smashbox
May 7 | 9am-4pm | Emily Bardwell
Moncton | $200
Shape Matters. Are you ready to take your makeup skills
to the next level? This class is an advanced deep dive into
the transformative power of makeup through a new lens.
Using basic artistic principles, complicated techniques will
be broken down to explain the “why” and “how”. Students
will leave with a comprehensive understanding of face
shapes, undertones, and advanced application techniques.
Join us in exploring the intersection of art and makeup, and
unleash your artistic potential in the world of beauty and

What To Bring
Two sets of Makeup Brushes, Eyelash curler, tweezers


Educator Who Is This Class For

Nail Technician
Massage Therapist
Guest Services, Managers & Owners

What is Provided  
Maximum Participants Cost of Class tax