Architectural design + Beauty furniture.

Founded in 1988 by André Laporte and Sylvain Emond, Lanvain has designed, overseen and created over a thousand beauty spaces along the years; salons, spas and esthetic clinics. 

Our firm has worked alongside numerous partners in the beauty industry, artisans and designers, small and less small alike, united by their quality and creativity, such as Starck, Présence Paris de L'Oréal, Kérastase, Shu Uemura, Redken fifth avenue, AussieGomez, Silvestrin et Lovegrove.

By fostering local talent, inspired by international creativity and a close partnership with contemporary suppliers, we strive to continually reinvent our work by perfecting both our services and our products. 

Our aim is beauty, but never at the cost of our values. We work with suppliers, perfect our operations and use materials that align with our core values of decency and a greener home. We use our ressources and our creativity to strive for products that reflect our values of a sustainable, cruelty-free world.

Our designers reinvent our process and exceed what we thought possible. Spaces become more specialized, both the professionnals we work with and their patrons value authenticity and spaces that reflect new world values of sustainability and a greener planet. 

Our spaces are always perfected, more well thought-out, building on years of experience and the talent of our makers and designers. We work closely with suppliers and artisans in order to develop furniture that meets our criteria, both in terms of beauty and sustainability, all while becoming more accessible.