Our claim is to develop high quality medical care for sensitive skin. To meet this demand, we rely on high quality ingredients, combined with our innovative foam cream technology. In addition, we are reviewing the high effectiveness of our products based on true clinical pharmacostimulatory studies to meet high-scientific requirements. Allpremed stands for high quality, medical skin care whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies.

Dry skin needs special care. The breathable Allpremed foam creams have been developed especially for the needs of very dry and sensitive skin, as it is also characterized by eczema and psoriasis. They provide the skin with long-lasting moisture and protect it from further dehydration through a fine-meshed, two-phase network that forms after application to the skin. It ensures that the characteristic of dry skin fat and moisture deficit can return to normal. So the skin feels smooth and supple again. For the best possible compatibility was dispensed with the use of fragrances, dyes and preservatives.