Longer, thicker, stronger lashes naturally

By conducting clinical tests with chemical-alternative solutions for lash growth, and by infusing Nano-Peptide Technology with natural plant extracts, biotin, and soy protein, & talented Cosmetics Scientists created a 100% natural lash-enhancing conditioner that safely & effictively works at a cellular level to provide stunning results.
Making healthy lashes even healthier
Transforming frail, brittle lashes into healthy lashes
Aiding in recovery after medical procedures i.e. Chemo-Therapy 
Strengthening & prolonging the bond between real lashes and lash extensions
Registered with the FDA 
Dermatologist tested & approved 
A safe and natural alternative to the potential side-effects of chemical/drug based products
Quality Assurance 
State of the art machinery 
Well focused and highly effective R&D 
Quality ingredients: natural vitamins and healthy plant extracts, water-based, no chemicals
Peace of Mind 
No harsh chemicals 
No irritation 
No prescription 
Just longer, thicker, stronger lashes guaranteed