Aveda™, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences™, was founded in 1978 with the goal of providing beauty industry professionals with high performance, botanically based products that are better for service providers and their guests, as well as for the planet.

Aveda manufactures professional plant-based hair care, skin care, makeup, Pure-Fume™ and lifestyle products. Headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota, Aveda is available in Aveda stores, and in nearly 7,000 professional hair salons and spas in 24 countries worldwide.

Aveda Spa Products

More than flower power: 90% of our essential oils and 89% of our raw herbal ingredients are certified organic. (tonnage by volume)

Green Science ™ is for women and men who want to look their best at every age—particularly those concerned with addressing the signs of aging and premature aging—such as sagging skin and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Green Science TM skin care gives skin a 41% more lifted appearance and 37% reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks based on clinical testing of the 4-step skin care system.

Aveda has created Outer Peace™ Acne Relief—a four-step daily system that has a 92% success rate in just four weeks. The daily regimen treats current blemishes, and helps stop new breakouts. The system also offers a specialized weekly treatment—Outer Peace™ Cooling Masque—to reduce visible redness and irritation associated with blemished skin.

Tourmaline Charged: Feel energy from nature. Finely-powdered tourmaline—a naturally energizing mineral—mixed with marine and plant extracts and 11 powerful anti-oxidants. Hydrating. Protecting. Infusing visible life and radiance into your skin—so it glows.

Caribbean Therapy™ A rejuvenating and nurturing body treatment that uses the healing touch and ingredients of the Caribbean to create inner calm and renew body and senses.

Chakra™ Collection An authentic fusion of pure essential oils blended to balance the intuition chakra according to Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Essences of organic petitgrain, orange and geranium leave one feeling well-balanced.

Purefume™ Personal Aromas balance mind and body, enhance meditation and contemplation with a blend of essences—sourced from four corners of the Earth.

Aveda Mission


Empowered by its unique Mission, Aveda believes that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with the greater web of life. It does not qualify as beauty if it hurts any of the diverse life forms that the best beauty artist of all, Nature, created. Authentic Beauty cares for the environment, which we inherited from elders and will leave to generations that follow us. Beauty cares for the society in which we live, enhancing harmony in the way we live and interact with one another as human beings.

Said simply, Beauty Is As Beauty Does.


Aveda is proud to be the first beauty company to receive Cradle to CradleSM certification for four botanical ingredients: sandalwood oil from Australia, rose oil and lavender oil from Bulgaria and uruku from Brazil. The certification follows three years of rigorous independent assessment by the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA) to ensure that each ingredient meets ecological and health criteria based on the Cradle to Cradle Design Concept (C2C), which replaces the “waste model” concept with the concept of “nutritional cycles.” C2C principles require that materials must be either continually reusable or biodegradable and renewable, and must meet standards for human health in production, handling and use as well as impact on the environment.


First beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power as per a review of WWD Beauty Report International Top 100 Cosmetic Manufacturers Corporate Websites in April 2007. The wind energy goes into a utility grid from which we draw power.

Aveda is Green-e Certified, which certifies that the renewable energy we purchase meets the strict environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions.

For more information please visit www.aveda.com