The Ultimate Edge for Professionals

With over 100 years of highly skilled craftsman creating superbly functional, incisive and durable cutting tools. Kasho comes from the Japanese words KA for fire and SHO for master. Each pair of Kasho shears reflect impeccable form, finish and function.Every pair of Kasho shears is created through careful design and engineering with advanced materials and heat-treatment technology - and the blending of an integrated manufacturing process with skillful workmanship which measures up to the unrelenting standards passed through generations of the Japanese Samurai sword smithies.

KASHO shears feature two different stainless steel alloys in order to meet the high Japanese quality demands for sharpness and material. The combination of different hardness grades means that every pair of shears is perfectly balanced and guarantees that the cutting edge is exceptionally durable. The unique “Ultimate Edge” KASHO shears blades are guaranteed to cut accurately, making them a pleasure to use.